We are 'classic' liberals

We've read Hayek, Friedman, Thomas Paine, Locke, the Federalist Papers and many more.  Ok, granted it's been mostly since college since we picked those up - but the lessons were learned.  Individual freedom is nessecary for a free and decent society. 

We are not the Alt-Right

Those guys are terrible.  
We don't condone any sort of racism, everyone is created equal regardless of color, creed, or sexual orientation.  People like Alex Jones are in our opinion crazy right wing conspiracy theorists who are dangerous ideologues.  

Free Speech Does Matter

We strongly believe in free speech and individual rights.  Thus we advocate for more people to be involved in both the political process as well and in political dialogue.  

Capitalism helps the poor

There is no other economic system that has helped more people climb out of poverty than capitalism.  It's the most moral and free system known to man.


Questions or concerns, let us know